Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Photos, 08

Best Buds

Two wild and crazy guys. These boys go NUTS together. It's fun!!

There wasn't enough frosting to cover all the house. Because ZANE KEPT EATING IT ALL.

The Elves Are Watching.

I'M HORRIBLE at lying....but this was fun. I told Gabe and his friend Zane that the elves were sent here from the North Pole to watch the children. Then report back to Santa who should be on the naughty list and who should be on the nice. It was a great way to keep them in check. "HEY the elves are watching."

Gabe was actually kind of freaked out to go near them. But they would go up to them and be like, "Your the greatest elf in the world." " I love all the elves and people in the world." "You do the best job." It was cute.
Later that night we were at the grocery store checking out. Gabe was pulling himself in the cart up and down along the counter and I like, scolded him or whatever you want to call it, for not listening to me. I tell him to stop and get in the seat of the cart. He gets in the front and then all calm, reserved and loud enough for the cashier to hear says, "Mom, please don't smack me when we get home like you did that one time I wouldn't listen to you." I'm like looking back and forth at the cashier and him and say "Gabe I'm not going to do that." He keeps going. "Remember that one time you threw the shoe at my face and it hit my nose?" I just look at the clerk wide eyed and giggle. OH MY GOSH!! I'm being called out at the grocery store....
The thing is...that shoe incident happened. I'm not a perfect mom, and the shoe's come off.... Kind of like that Bush protestor. We throw shoes when bothered....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Back Up Your Blog

Check out this site. It's free and it has some interesting information on backing up your blog(s). It even has a way to transfer your blog to a book. Wouldn't that be an interesting coffee table book? Or a Christmas present? or graduation gift? or an easy excuse to not have another journal/scrapbook!!

I stole this. None the less it's still my philosophy.

Are what you'd get if a shoe and a flip flop made mad, passionate love, and forgot to wear protection. (And then the knocked up shoe got punched in the stomach.) They're ugly! And I don't really get what purpose they serve. Why would you wear Crocs when you can wear flip flops? Flip flops are infinitely more convenient. As you can just flip them right off if the occasion calls for it. (And they make cool sounds when you walk.) So unless you spend your free time sneaking up on unsuspecting people, flip flops are easily the better choice. Oh. And weird people wear Crocs. The kind of people who dip their french fries in mayonnaise. Do you really want to associate yourself with that ilk? (I've never used the word ilk before. And I'm pretty sure I'll never use it again.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Belated Halloween

We went trick-or-treating with his friend Zane and his sister Zoe. My camera died and these were the only photos I was able to get.

He looks like a dork. I couldn't get his hair to stay slicked back like Superman's.
While trick-or-treating -the traditional way, becuase trunk-or-treats SUCK. I'll take my chances on laced candy- there was a REALLY scary house that Gabe wouldn't go up to. Zane was fearless, but it took a lot of coaxing to get Gabe to go up to it. After he finally did and we're moving on to the next house, he's not following. I turn around and he's standing on the sidewalk with his eyes closed and waving his little finger back and forth whispering "Magic, magic go away."
Me: "Um, Gabe what are you doing?"
Gabe: "I'm saying a prayer."
Me thinking: "Oh how sweet he's trusting and applying......wait....WHAT? When have you ever heard or said a prayer that consisted of the phrase 'Magic, magic go away'....?"