Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Idaho Happenings

Gabriel and I went up to Idaho for Memorial Weekend. My Rasmussen grandparenst both recently passed away so we went to do the traditional thing. We also went and visited the relatives on my moms side with her parents. I had an aunt who was killed when she was 8 so at that time my granparents decided to purchase their plots as well. My grandpa is a WWII Vet. and as we're leaving my grandma is observing the American flags and the graves then asks my grandpa "Why didn't they put one on your grave?" uhhhhh "Because I'm not dead yet." It was kinda funny.

Other than hiking I never really get to do outdoors activities in Utah. I don't really have anyone to go with and I don't know the area well enough to just go out. That's pretty much the only thing I miss about Idaho. How readily accessible the outdoors are. 5-10 min. drive and you're completely secluded in a beautiful area. The weather was nice enough for about 2 hours that I got to go 4 wheeling with an old friend. I wish my camera wasn't so wussy because it doesn't do the Moody Canyon justice.

Mark (Mudd). The 4 wheeler owner.

This is just a weird make-shift belt my dad made of duct tape for G-bone. The poor kid has to run with one hand behind his back to hold up his pants.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My name is Sue. How DO YOU DO?

So there is an epidemic going around of people giving their kids butt ugly names. Must be in the spe...er uh Water. I wasn't really going to say anything until recently I came across one that trumps them all and the light is green. GREYSON. If I happenstance upon... Greyson.. one day I'm going to punch that kid in the face, then turn to the parents and say: "What? Oh I'm sorry. I thought that you were going for the Johnny Cash motive like in his song 'My Name is Sue' where the dad gives his son an outragous name so people will kick crap out of him to make him stong in character. That's not what you were going for? Oh, uh my (YOUR) bad."

I came across this posting on another blog. I had to cite it because the dude lays it out pretty well on what to consider when naming a child. It's funny and spot on.

Ever Wondered What to Name Your Kid? From For Your Information. It is a little long but well worth the time it takes to read it!

A few years ago my friend and I thought it would be a good idea to write a book about baby names. Not so much a list of baby names, more of a list of things to consider when naming a baby. I think writing a book like that is a good idea because I'm pretty sure women have babies (still trying to figure out some of the finer points) and women also love buying crap. The book could be a big seller. Also, one of the reasons I decided to go to law school was because I'm not very good at thinking of my own ideas but I am pretty good at showing other people why their ideas are stupid. So writing a book about what not to do just makes sense.
Since there is a chance we will still write the book (in the same sense that there is still a chance that I'm not fat), I'm not going to tell you everything here so you'll feel compelled to buy the book when it is published.
Here are a few of the subjects we will cover along with some thoughts on each.

Chapter 1: Your baby wasn't born a senior citizen and he or she won't be a toddler forever.
Generally there are three issues with this rule. There are names that only work for kids; there are names that only work for adults (say like 35-60); and then there are names that only work for old folks. A name that only works for a kid is Kayden. If you ever go to a professional for help (doctor, lawyer, accountant, basically anything but a sandwich artist at Subway) and the guy's name is Kayden, go somewhere else. Brenda is a good name that won't work with kids and won't work for a senior. Brenda is a good name for a receptionist and that is about it. I have never met anyone named Brenda, so I can only hope that people have realized the problem with that name. You can see the problem with that name from 90210. They had to keep calling Brenda, Bren (or something like that). A good example of a name reserved for seniors in Milton. Don't name your baby Milton. Your baby will appreciate a name that can develop with them and change to their different circumstances.

Chapter 2: Avoid names that limit career options.
Let the baby decide what it wants to do with its life. If you name your baby Gage he will probably end up doing construction. There isn't anything wrong with doing construction, but maybe Gage didn't want to do that and you forced it on him.

Chapter 3:
You don't decide nicknames so avoid names that sound like body parts Parents have little control over what their friends and peers call them. For example, my friend's parents wanted their kid to be called Kristopher but everyone calls him Kris. They tried to get people to call him Kristopher (it worked on me), but for the most part everyone calls him Kris.
The only control parents have for a nickname is limiting the realm of possibilities for the nicknames. If you name a kid Amos or Enis your kids will hate you and they should.

Chapter 4: Famous people and their characters. You may truly love someone famous. You may even have the restraining order to prove it. You are a parent now; you have to grow up a little bit. Don't name a baby Calista or Phoebe even if you think they are really cool names and even if you thought they were really cool names before Ally McBeal or Friends was on TV. Some names are just off limits even if you love them. Remember that celebrities are to be mocked, not admired.

Chapter 5: Places
I have been to Cheyenne and to the Dakotas. They have one thing in common: they both suck. I don't care if names of people became names of places and you are naming the baby after the person. See the penultimate sentence of the Chapter 4 comment.
A noun is a person, place or thing. If you name your kid after a place you end up causing serious categories confusion. When you introduce Cheyenne to a group of people in Laramie they could be really confused. You see the problem?

Chapter 6: Alternate spellings
There are no points for creativity. Just spell the name like everyone else does. You shouldn't be naming the baby a name that has a bunch of accepted spellings anyway (remember Kayden?). If you don't know how to spell the name you choose, choose a different one. Even if you make a conscious decision to spell the baby's name in some crazy way, everyone will just assume you are illiterate.

Chapter 7: Literary characters
No one cares that when you were 12th grade J.D. Salinger changed the way you look at life. Don't name your kid Holden. Everyone is glad that you read, it is a skill that is vital to one's success. But your kid might think Salinger was a hack. He will forever be associated with him and hate you for it. That goes for all authors, especially Jane Austen.

Chapter 8: Consider your last name
One important thing to remember is that rhyming first and last names is a bad idea. For example, I would never name a child Fran. This might only be an issue for those of you with one syllable last names, but everyone needs to be aware of it. It is equally important to make sure the first name/last name combo doesn't sounds like something. An example with my name would be the name Anita. It just doesn't work.

Chapter 9: Using the same letter for every kid
David St. Hubbins said it best. "It's such a fine line between stupid and clever." There was a family in our neighborhood that had seven kids and each kid's name started with K. I don't know if they were ostracized because of their names or because they all had perms (even the boys). It was probably a combination of both. But neither one did them any favors. One of the big problems with this is that inevitably you will have to break the rule in Chapter 6 to think of a name for one of the kids.

Chapter 10: Naming your child after a quality or an attribute only means they won't have that quality or attribute
How many wholesome girls do you know named Chastity? You don't know any. Trust me on this one. Likewise, Hope will always despair; Faith won't believe a word you say; Charity will have problems with sharing. The list goes on. If you want your daughter to grow up to be a hooker, name her Chastity. Otherwise, find something else. Maybe you could try the opposite quality or attribute and see if the rule works. Maybe name your son Cocky or something that like. That would be funny.

Well, I hope these chapters give you an idea of where we're going with the book. There are many, many more chapters that I am not including. Naming a child shouldn't be taken lightly. If you aren't sure about a name for baby, save it for a pet. I would be more than happy to tell you why the names you are considering are bad ideas.

My side note to Chapter 4: If you have taken the name from a form of pop culture PLEASE PLEASE own up to the source. "even if you thought the name was really cool BEFORE......." is never never never a true statement. And don't put it past people to know where it came from. Like you took the name from some indie or fantasy movie you think is unrecognizable so you can sneakily insert the name and now slyly pass it off as your own, making you that much more original. People will know. You're not the only observant one.

Good luck to all my gestating readers. Whatever you decide to name the child won't hinge me from loving it. I will not express my views on the name unless it is GREYSON, or asked. Which in that case I'll probably lie. Since you don't need my opinion and it's probably too late anyway.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Outa, outa my way..

This is how G-Rider gets his pedal on...

I finally bought him a new bike since the weather is consistanly nice enough to use it. He's had this dinky little radio flyer one for the last 3 years. The new one is a little big for him but I don't want to buy another one for a few years. A few tumbles off will do some good. Makes him quick on the feet.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Eh, I don’t really have anything to blog about. Maybe after five years the novelty of a kid finally wears off. Like the times he tells me right before bed that he’s going to go “pretend to pee”. Does he really think the upshot of that will be a laugh? Here’s to 5 more years of pretending.