Monday, January 12, 2009

The delectation of pontificating linguistic form in order to loom alert is diverting to me.

In layman's* terms: The joy of using big words in order to appear smart is fun for me.

For all of the other times that a "big word" doesn't come to mind, I'm just going to make a point and then follow up with. "I'm surprised you didn't know that."

* layman's terms (not to be confused with Laman from the Book of Mormon. Which for a long time I used to think that's what it referred to. We're not rewording things into a way that Laman would say them.) is the intelligent way of saying "dumb it down". Which it actually is a contradictory phrase. If people don't actually know what "put it in layman's terms" means (which a lot don't), then the meaning of the phrase defeats its purpose. See what I'm saying?

Wishes DO Come True....

Thanksgiving Gabriel won the wishbone breaking thing. He didn't keep his wish to himself and said that he wanted a NEW BABY!!!
Look what Santa left for us under our tree this year!!

(via Scott and Nicole)