Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I guess.

So I guess I was supposed to respond on Monday with an answer to my first post bloging conundrum. While I wish I could give an intelligent/witty answer to say, "I guess I'll keep bloging. It doesn't hurt", my brain is fried from wraping up the semester of having 300 questions to memorize for 2 consecutive tests, 2 bogus papers to write, and unresistingly letting my Salsa Dance teacher Eddie have his way with me on the dance floor. Ok so that last part doesn't require brain activity, but all those fast turns sure did make me dizzy. Hora de bailar!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Stach!!


G-freydos picked up on it. What do you think?
Staches the new blonde?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mommy Milestone #1

Ah ha!!! So, this might not be too interesting of a blog, nevertheee less! I need some cheering. I sometimes feel laging in the put-your-shoulder-to-the-wheel domesticated duties. Laundry: kicks my butt. Scrapbooking: headache (Jen and Nat, name your price). Intricate meals: not practical for me and and G-stones appetites. Routines/traditions: {insert excuse here}. Everyday with out skipping a beat blogging: ha hah ha ha. Anyway..., to get to the point, I just never feel I have the time, resources, energy to be an ambiance portaiture of the home, and sometimes it gets to me. SO finally on Sunday I implimented a Conference tradition for me and G-ranger. Sticy buns. A fantastic recipe from the mother, consisting of rhodes rolls and a marshmellowie top. I structurally prepared them during the first session, and we delved in for the second. Success.
-I also made my first pot roast. I don't think a picture of that would have been as seizing to viewers appetites.-

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting

Be careful who you leave your child to be babysat with:

So you won't be surprised if the outcome when you return IS THIS:

Character Camillion. He went from the G Thing cowboy to the G Sting rocker in ONE hour. Three baths worth of pomade.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'M just saying.....

So, anything that snags my attention, whether good or bad, cliché, or cheesy, if it’s people, ideas, movies, music, weird things you see (like today I saw this really skinny dude out the window of the gym intensely into the song on his ipod while casually walking his pink-sweater-wearing dachshund) to me is considered brilliant. I guess I’ve decided to start posting the things I consider to be most brilliant.

Most Brilliant #1:

I find it absolutely fantastic that the literary world has coined the phrase “I’m just saying” as if it’s an automatic disclaimer for the one making the observation, void of any consequences from the opinions and views expressed.

In other words, YAY, I finally found a great way to be able to say the questionable things I think and not have to be accountable. Try it out. “Do you think those extra 400 calories you just pounded down will do any good?…. I’m just saying.” “You look like Gary Busey, on a good day…. I’m just saying.” See! It works brilliantly with anyting.