Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things to document.

Setting: Challenger School waiting for Gabe to finish in the bathroom.

Cute little boy: "Will you tie my shoe?"
Cute litte me: "Yeah. Sure. What's your name?"
boy: "Emanual. I'm Gabe's friend."
me: "Oh, yeah. I've heard him talk about you."
boy: "But sometimes when I sit by Zane, he gets all up on me."
me: he he he he. I got nothing. What do you say to that? "Oh. That's too bad." What 5 year old say's that? "He gets all up on me."

Oh and get this. Later that day I was driving down the street and I saw an old man with a cane and scruffy face walking, wearing a long sleeve brown shirt and a teal spaghetti strap tank top over it.... Like one of those adjustable bra/tank tops...for women.

Today was a weird day.