Friday, July 25, 2008

Blog Tracking *a milder word then stalking* AND the greatest spoof to blogging EVER!

So, I’ve mentioned before my mixed feelings with this whole blogging experience. I’m a slightly distrusting person, so it’s not really within my element to even have one. I struggle with the dilemma of what to post most of the time as not to reveal too much. Since I have yet to find an uber fantastic husband and generate more posterity to hide behind cover the pages, it can get challenging to decide on what to write about. Well a few weeks ago I got the greatest comment that has made this whole embarkment worthwhile. For a couple of reasons.

FIRST: Mical just reminded me of a night which is easily on my top ten list of greatest memories. It was a really fun, uninhibited and mildly promiscuous night. Emphasis in mild. Not to throw her under the bus, but you should hear Kari's version of that night. It's really funny. I'll let her tell you why. It's good to know that once upon a time I use to have a kick to my personality that I'm slowly trying to revive. Becoming a circumstantial recluse has taken a toll on the "identity issues" (I guess that's what you could call it) and I'm still working on resurrecting it. Aside from my 6 weeks spent with Luciano, the beautiful, very-little-English-speaking Italian, things have been a little boring. Mmmm, just look at that "come and get me grin" he gives. I just want to tear into him. Where was I? ohh

SECOND: I love Mical's candidness about googling me and calling me out on "don't tell me you've never done it", because I have, and since he had the courage to actually address me and make himself know, I will no longer feel the guilt for "tracking" others. I will also work on the bravery and making myself known to them. Because honestly I HATE when people view my blog frequently, and never comment. That is what the creepy blog stalking is. I don't care who you are, or if you even hate what I have to say. It's kind of cowardly. I'm just saying.

Greatest spoof ever! EVER.
While I am probably guilty of some of these cliche's written about in this persons blog-well only one that I can think of. I mentioned Twilight in a blog-, I'm really glad to see that someone else has recognized the unauthentic tone of 90% of blogs, and has brilliantly captured the parody. I WISH I was as creative as this blogger is and how true she captures the "wickedly dead on spoof of the suddenly trendy married Mormon blog phenomenom." Since I'm not, I'll continue to enjoy and let her say things in her crafty way that she mocks everyone. I love it. Please, you have to check it out.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


You don't have to put on the red light.
Those days are over.
You don't have to SELL YOUR BODY TO the night.

Aren't those the most romantic lyrics? If someone with Sting's voice screamed them at me, I'd like it. I went to the Sting and the Police concert with Ms. Laura Lopshire last Saturday. Sting, or Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, is still really sexy. Good thing he goes by Sting. Gordon, not so sexy of a name.

Laura Some inebriated guy from the past. His nickname is Kooter. I'm pretty sure he gave the name to himself. Or his friends hate him. Elvis Costello anyone? I only know him from the Austin Powers 2 movie.

It was a lot of fun! Thanks for going with me Laura!

Belated 4th of July

This is from an aerielist show in Park City. This is the second show I've been to. The first was in the winter. I think it's cooler to see them land in water. Either way, it's pretty rad. The last guy gets so high.

Good reason to blog: Let someone else do the work then copy it to your post!! Thanks Nicole for making this easy for me. We went to a little community parade. Went to a cabin. Went to the firework show in P.City. Fun was had by all.

I didn't know sparklers would photograph like that.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yeah, why are you so serious?

I got to see this last night, with Juston, and after getting home really late afterward, and even kind of having a disturbing nights sleep, (maybe from the movie. Normally if Christian Bale is filling the screen, the nights sleep is a goood one!!) when waking up -yes an hour ago at 12:45 p.m.- I'm still in awe and even kinda shaken at how good it is. It goes along and I thought it was just going to be a really great action drama movie with more depth to the plot,comparable to the first. Then all of a sudden the tone sidelines you and alters to and even darker one, and the intensity it just HITS you. Hard. I've never had a movie do that. Well atleast not an action one. I still haven't internalized what I just saw. Profound desciption, I know. Still it's a really good movie.

Also they showed a movie trailer for Twilight, I've been re-reading the books in anticipation for the 4th and just a few trivial thoughts.

Books: Bella sucks for me right now, and I am even now questioning "Yeah why is Edward with her?" A girl who complains too much about being underqualified and ordinary, yet never does anything to remedy it. It's doubtful even becoming a Vamp. will change that for her.
Movie: James is Beautiful. I would submit to him. Take that how ever you want to.
I think the girl cast as Bella will actually do a good job, because she fits the "frumpy" description.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lame post, but still I need feedback.

As most of you know I’ve had short hair most of my life. I swear, anytime you go to a hairstylist (excluding Amber Genta) as soon as you say the words “I’m trying to grow it out” their slaughtering alter ego takes control and you come out looking like you survived a machete war zone. Well I decided to test it out and see if I could pull off long hair. I don’t know!!!! My main reasoning for doing it: men, as visually stimulating as they are, prefer long hair. We all know its all about pleasing…huh well not always. It’s true though. They do. Usually I don’t care for feedback but this time I do. The first is a before then the after. So???

Also take in account I have a crapy camera.


So the reason for going private is because my computer has been acting screwie lately and I can only access the internet for maybe 3 min. at a time before it shuts off. Just enough time to check email, and (How about that pregnant man giving birth? nuts huh?) So I went private thinking that I wouldn't be really doing much bloging anyway to keep things interesting for onlookers. Plus I still have mixed opinions on blogging. I think it's such a detached way of communicating. I've never liked writing either. Anyway, I got the computer problem fixed, I hope, and don't really care anymore. So nevermind.