Thursday, June 26, 2008

"I Have a 5 Year Old"

That's all that keeps running through my mind. "I have a 5 year old. I have a 5 year old." I don't feel like I should have a 5 year old. It's too surreal.

Anyway, I've been having computer problems lately and I wanted to post these before it shuts off again. Something to do with the adapter or battery. Who cares?

I'm finally posting about the Gaucho Gala thrown for G-Bandit a few weeks ago that was actually pretty fun. I'm glad I waited until he was 5 to throw a big harrah one because the thank you he gave me the next day was so rewarding. Plus this one will be a bit stronger embeded in that memory of his. Now the prep work on the other hand sucked. The orders, the several trips to the party store, the verbal fights with butt ugly toothless old men from being cut off on the way to the party store* (I called him that too. MY ZINGS:1 UGLY TOOTHLESS OLD MAN: 0) accumulating western themed adornment, making a poster that was way more work then get the point.

Birthday Buckaroo

Some of the kids.

Renegade Lee Greens

Delicious Cake

They were pinching Lee Green's frosting and he told them if they did it again he'd shove their faces in it. I'm actully impressed he followed through with the threat.

GrandpaAll Attendee's
Give me a Yee-HawThat straw bale cow was a lot to handle.

I can't figure out why my dad's holding the horses legs together. Thanks to: Kari, Britney, and Jacklyn for helping me control the chaos. My dad for providing the straw bale and roping head. Lee Greens for maning the pinata and being live entertainment. And the kids who came and gave AWESOME presents.

* I really don't get road rage. It's kind of hard for me to when I drive an old slow accelerating car and cannot be agressive. And usually if people wrong me on the road they speed off and I can't do anything about it, so I don't get worked up. It's rare that I do but this guy (we'll call him butt ugly toothless old man) cuts off oncoming traffic to get into the turning lane then cuts me off really blatantly. So not being ok with it I honk my horn. He then gets into the right lane and, ugh, we pull up to a red light and he's right next to me with his window down. HIM BEING IN THE WRONG, he procedes to yell at me. Knowing I can't sway him to see that he is the crook I, in my "Oh ya" stupid voice had to pull out the honest insults and make mention of his absent teeth and unatractive face. Yeah, I showed him!! The light turns green, he speeds off, since I can't, he makes about 7 more illegal maneuvers, and I turn into the party store. Hate is a strong word, and that's why I'm going to use it. I hate only two people in this world, Carson Daily and this man.
Update: 3 people. I hate Clay Aiken too.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

THEE MOST Brilliant #5 Sounding Heartbeats - Intimidations

"You've been hit by... A SMOOT CRIMINAL" Ah I hope M.J. really is innocent because I do not want to start felling guilty for LOVEING this song/music video. Here's what make's it briliant: You thought the heavy breathing thing started with Miss B. Spears didn't you? Nope. It starts with this. He seduces AND beats people up while he dances. I want to beat people up while I dance. -i can already seduce, he he. not really. well maybe a little.- Who else can take a song written about a graphic crime and make it a fantastic pop song?? He cry sings so passionatly, and even sings the phrase "Dad Gone it Baby" AND MAKES IT WORK. It's the greatest instant adrenaline intro, and the music video is filled with the coolest dance sequences EVER!! I know 10 min. might be a bit much to watch, but.... you atleast need to fast forward to 6 1/2 min or so, because that's when the best dancing starts. Ya know, where he stands in one place and leans really far to the ground with his whole body, then inches up. ooooohh just watch it. I have already like 3 times just while typing this post. It's insane. Now I'm going to go try and memorize the coreography on my kitchen lenolium. I'll post a video of that when I master it.