Monday, May 3, 2010

That great point

Gee's it's been forever. Meh, who cares?? Blogging is soo 2008ish anyway...Right?
Well for whoever the 2 people who read this, usually people who accidently click on it from some google search, I'm just going to now continue to document some random thoughts.

Today, right now, I'm thinking about that point you get too after a relationship when you discover that a person who you once really cared for now REALLY grosses you out. It's kind of a bitter-sweet point. Mostly because now all the memories you once held sweet are, well bitter. But at least you don't hurt anymore when you think of them! And it's great to get a good little laugh at the first eye-opening disgust of "how did I ever in the first place tolerate you? LET ALONE LOVE YOU?"

It's genuine disgust too. Not the forced kind from rejection and trying to convince yourself they're dumb. No "You-Oughta-Know" anger. Just blissfull sighs of "Ahh, chalk that one up with a douchmark (I made that portmanteau up. I also had to google a reverse definition to find portmanteau. I swear there's a different term for combing two words.) to experience and try not to hope they fail in life". Chances are, if they were holding you back, and you're freshly seeing this liberation, then they're destined to. They just are. I mean obviously you were their peak. Yup, downward descent for them.

Well that's all I'm really going to say about it for now. If I kept going then it would start to sound a bit like that forced point I made.

Ahhh.*Contented sigh*. It's a great point to be at.