Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wow. I havn't blogged in a while.

Gee's. I feel like the brain fried zombie unable to compute two complete thoughts to even make a point. Ya, see. That didn't make sense to me either.

This semester is kicking my butt. Tryin to find the moto to be spirit-yo for Bro. Hardy-o's Book of Mo class. Trying to even keep interest in the uber boring personal finance class [I think people need to adopt the word UBER into their language more] and then mustering through the computer class of Brother Richard A. Roper who only looks up through the top right of his glasses rims, batting his eyes while trying to dance around the questions you ask him because he wants you to do everything ON YOUR OWN. I don't let him though. I make him help me. He sushed me the other day. He even put his hand up in the halting position. Not the arm extended faced turned the other way "talk to the hand" halt. But the arm across the mid waste stern prudeish halt.

I have this new job at Outback Steakhouse. It's draining me too. I go from LDSBC {insert lofty spiritual desciption here} to a restaurant {insert satan's reigning territory description here}. There was this bartender who was talking to another girl that worked there. He starts to go off on the movie Religulous or something like that, and how they came to Salt Lake and tried the got kicked out of the temple. Then he procedes to tell her that Mormons believe that we get our own planet. I was standing right there. I had to correct him. NO WHERE does it say sign here for you own planet in any of the doctrine. He then has to insist to me that we do teach it and I should "check into it" uhhhh I live and practice the religion. The weird thing is I'm not going to go to some neo-nazi camp in Northern Idaho for info on the Judaism religion, then go to some practicing Jew and insit to them what they teach. His nickname is Mo-fo. If you are nicknamed Mo-fo you should not be allowed to talk. Since people nicknamed you that because they don't like what you have to say. Actually he's a pretty nice guy.

And there is this older guy Kyle-the-yellow-dart (Strongbad anyone?), I like to refer to him as who is always like "I see you tried to call me last night" and I'm all "Gross."

I don't know how, and don't think I ever will, to spell the words exercize, nessicary, & successfull correctly. Something to do with double letters and the c's and s's. There's another one too I can't think of....

I think I'm gonna go make a batch of nobake cookies to fulfill my chocolate craving. Since I can't wake Gabe up to go to the Sev. Poor kid. We got our car broken into and he's been waking up EVERY NIGHT freaked out that they'll come back. He got his hair cut short too. It's really hard for me to cut his hair but it's what he wanted. I think he gets more of an attitude with shorter hair. Do you think hair length has anything to do with dispositions?


Jeanette said...

you are so dang funny. I don't know if that is what you intended, but that's how it came out. I love your ramblings, they are the best! thanks for the post! I wish we hung out more!

Tug said...

I made no-bake cookies like two days ago!
Is that a Mormon thing? I think it might be? Who knows.

Why did you quit LDSBC?

Amber said...

yes hair length has something to do with how you act....since i've had long hair i feel more sassy:) i love your stories. You make me laugh!