Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm glad for modern technology and that the church also provides means for people to be able to take advantage of it. I've been really impressed lately that to increase my spirituality I need to really dive in and study the Boof of Mormon. I have a hard time makeing study time for it going to school 40 hours Tu-Sat, then regular church on Sunday. Monday's are my only day to regroup and get some order to my life. Gabriel is doing a challenge that if he reads the Book of Mormon by the time he's 8 my dad will give him a gun. I know. Kind of random, but it motivates him and he really does enjoy reading it. We've done pretty good at reading, but we only get a few chapters in a week. He's on Mosiah 6, and he has till the end of May, but at this rate...I finally bought a stero system that is mp3 adaptable. So I just realized that I can play the Book of Mormon on my ipod on the stero and have him read along with that! I don't know if that's cheating or something, but with barely finding time to read it by myself, and it's like an hour process everytime to read just 1 or 2 chapters with him between the two of us reading and the questions... I think this way should be great!

Am I the only person that when I'm at the check out line at a grocery store the people behind me are intensly zombie like watching me to make sure I'm putting my stuff on the conveyer belt fast enough? Then after I do they stand 2 inches away from me the whole way up to the bagging/paying area, as if the closer they get to me the faster the process will go. Even when there is someone in front of me, and I'm just friendly chatting with the clerk who is doing their job normally. Do they think if they stand close enough, and stare bug-eyed right at me, I'll just end up paying for their stuff? I hate that.

I made a deal with Gabriel I'd give him $20.00 if he cleaned his room. I mean really cleaned and orgainized. In our new apartment that is an obstical I just can't tackle right now. He's also saving up his money to buy a remote control helicopter. A nice one. So he's was all for it. The last remote control item, a boat, that I bought him lasted about 3 uses before he decided it should be a submarine and he ruined it by drowning it. So Saturday I asked him if he would get started on his room and he respondes pretty much, matter of factly with- Eh, I decided money's not important anymore. With a shrug like life's too short, a look like money ain't a thing, I have loads of it, YOU worry to much....- REALLY? You can just turn it off like that and change your mind after you're alwasy bugging me constantly to buy you more stuff, and you have about a bagillion things you want to save for...He knows I'm not buying it for him.

He's a punk. At his school they had a little reading program and after all the kids and parents were outside for milk and cookies. He was 30 feet away or so and his teacher tells him to get me to take me back inside and look at his art. He faces me, claps once, then gives me some 2 thumbs up pointing backward motion movement thing to the direction of the door. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I was in shock. He just beckoned me like "hustle, lets put a move on it." Without even saying a word. Ya, I didn't know how to respond to that.

He's not a sweet little boy anymore. I really am worried.

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Allen Family said...

I had to mimic the action for myself, sitting here at the computer to get the full effect and I'm still laughing! So freaking funny!